What is Link Building and How Does It Work?

There are many different methods to work with building links, but how does link building work?

You can build links in very many different ways:

  • You can check with your suppliers or customers if they can link to your site.
  • People who have relevant blogs or websites can also link. Ask if they can post a link on their site or blog. You can also link back. Sometimes they want to get paid for the link. It’s up to you if you want to do it, but you must know buying links violates Google’s rules.
  • Ask different blog owners if you can write a good guest post and also link back to your own page. In this way you can build many good links.

The most important thing when creating a link is to make sure it is “do follow” link. Sometimes people add the “no follow” code to links. Then the link will not give any strength to your website. It is quite common that links from different forums have “no follow”. You can right-click on the link and select “inspect items” (if you are using Firefox browser) and inside the code you can see if it says “no follow”.

What is Link Building? Here is a nofollow link

If there is no “no follow” then it means that the link is “do follow” automatically.

And the other important thing is to include your keywords in the anchor text. Links that have anchor text like “read more”, “click here” etc are no good links. It is much better if you have your keywords in the link text.

What is Link Building? Here is a gooddo follow  link
Here you see that “Neil Patel noted in his analysis” is an anchor text in the link that contains several good keywords. It’s so you have to build your links. Link building is a part of search engine optimization. It is usually called Off page optimization. Optimizing the content outside of the site. And On page optimization is the code change that you make on the site.

You should also link your site to Google’s webmaster tools so you can see who links to your page. Links can be good but may also be bad. If there is someone linking from a bad site then this will adversely affect your site as well. You can always ask the person to delete the link or set it to “no follow”.

Here is a picture from webmaster tools

webmaster tools to check link building

Good luck with link building!

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